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Chair of Computer's Integrated Systems
in Chemical Technology
Brunches of scientific research

Research and development work of chair on creation and implantation of flexible techniques and integrated automated systems in chemical and adjoining industries.

The flexible automated productive systems (FAPS) of a chemical industry are complicated manufacturing complexes oriented on multiproduct production of variable assortment and capable fast with minimum expenditures of resources automatically to be reconstructed on discharge of new production, processing of new aspects of raw material or implementation of new technological processes. The architecture of chemical industrials on principles FAPS ensures a heightening of quality of production, rhythmicity, operting ratio of the equipment, reliability of flow diagrams, frees from an orb of production a significant amount of serving staff, that as a whole ensures significant lowering of the cost price of production. The research and development works at the chair of CIS are carried out on the following directions:
  • Development of scientific - methodological bases of construction of flexible chemical technological systems (CTS).
  • Development of mathematical models of typical technological operations and single-stage technological processes. Simulation individual, combined and flexible chemical industrials.
  • Development of technique of overlapping of single-stage chemical technological processes (CTP); the blocks and modulars principle of implementation CTP.
  • Development of principles of instrument decor of flexible technological units; projection of units in view of flexibility.
  • Development of methods of optimal synthesis combined and flexible CTS in conditions of a complete determinancy of the information.
  • Development of methodological principles of simulation, synthesis and management flexible CTS in conditions of uncertainties of the purposes of operation and starting information.
  • Development of methods and algorithms of classification of assortment on groups of output in conditions of varying demand, failure of the equipment etc. with usage of a similarity of instrument decor, variable paths, links of recycling.
  • Development of the methodology of creation system of autommated projection multiproduct flexible chemical industrials. Projection multiproduct of chemical productions in view of flexibility.
  • Projection low-waste and ecologically of pure flexible chemical productions. Creation of flexible blocks and modulars circuits of clearing of waste water and regeneration of the solvents. Creation of computer systems of projection of chemical industrials.
  • Development of models and algorithms of logical control of meanses discontinuous and flexible CTS.
  • Development of algorithms of scheduling planning and operating controls flexible multiproduct industrials in conditions of market economy.
  • Development of indistinct models and models of representation of knowledge on basis Neural Networks.
  • Creation of intellectual systems of decision making on optimal operation of flexible chemical industrials.
  • Development of models and algorithms of technical and economic planning and industrials management.
  • Development of models of prediction behaviour of the producers, consumers and demand in conditions of market economy with usage of consulting models.
  • Creation ofthe Integrated Automated Control Systems (IACS) by industrial and ecological safety of chemical manufactures. Development of models and methods of a rating of risk and techniques of control of risk with the purpose of a safety of chemical manufactures. Development of techniques of the analysis and rating of consequences of failures on chemical plants. Creation of the integrated automated systems of control and quality managements of open air. Long-term and operating prediction of levels of contaminating of free air, account of densities of harmful substances in the open air.
  • Development of models of decision making for quality management of yields of chemical and oil refining industrials.
  • Development of means of architecture flexible automated productive systems, automated learning systems and training complexes of preparation of operators - technologists of chemical industrials.
  • Development software for problem solving of synthesis, calendar planning and operating control by flexible chemical productions in conditions of market economy.
  • Engineering diagnostics and reliability of chemical industrials.
Chair developed methodical technics and software for a solution of the following problems:
  • Synthesis optimal flexible multiproduct of productions of a modular type (heightening of an overall performance of meanses and schemas of intensification works of separate meanses, discharge of new yields, usage of strip-chart unified units).
  • Databases and consulting systems development for problem solving of projection, control, tutoring of operators - technologists of flexible chemical industrials.
  • Compiling of the optimal schedules work of multiproduct productions and problem solving of scheduling planning and operating controls by industrials in conditions of the market rationes.
  • Creation software for integrated system of control multiproduct industrial.
  • Development of modular training complexes of operators - technologists of chemical productions on the basis of personal computers.
  • Creation of the network distributed databases for a solution of a wide circle of the tasks of projection and control of chemical industrials.
  • Development of automated system of diagnostics and prediction emergencies potentially of dangerous chemical productions on the basis microprocessor engineering.
  • Development of information and software for a rating and analysis of industrial hazards of the chemical plants.
  • Development of software for automated monitoring system of knowledge of the accident prevention of staff of chemical industrials.
  • Development of complex software on prediction of contaminating free air and identification of industrial radiants of contaminating (including in case of failures on dangerous chemical plants).
The chair offers services for a complete cycle executions:
    Scientific researches - projection and manufacture - mounting and the surrender on a turn-key basis flexible is blocks and modulars of restoring plants of the different solvents by a method of rectification.