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Chair of Computer's Integrated Systems
in Chemical Technology
Solutions - in time control of the manufacture of plastic goods

In time control of the manufacture of plastic goods

The product name

    The "in time control" module of the integrated management system that manages the typical multyproduct manufacture of plastic goods.

The field of application and the purpose

    Module solves the task of building the optimal schedule for production of some set of orders for plastic goods. Its main aim is to alter the actual schedule (one that is being currently used for manufacture) whenever some events happen. These events can be new orders for production, machinery malfunctions, changes of time limits, priorities of orders, etc.

Main technical features

    The module was developed with a help of Delphi RAD system. It functions under the MS Windows OS family. The unit possesses the rich functionality that enables users:
    • to add new orders for goods to the orders list;
    • to determine the state of any order at any time;
    • to build and compare the optimal schedules of orders production and machinery workload;
    • to rebuild the schedules taking into account the current machinery state;
    • to renew the actual schedule;
    • to estimate the quantities of raw material, time, and workers resources that are enough for satisfaction of some set of orders;
    • to estimate the finish time for some set of orders;
    • to maintain the archive of orders were finished and the time-schedule for machinery.


    The module has friendly graphic user interface. The most interesting features:
    • the system is able to take into account the percent of defective goods (that may appear when starting and stopping apparatus) when calculating the size of goods batch and its production time;
    • system takes into account the current machinery state when introducing changes to actual schedule;
    • different levels of priority can be assigned to orders;
    • machinery readjustment parameters are calculated;
    • you can subdivide orders into parts if you have parallel devices.

The project state

    The module was initially developed for the plastics factory shop of the Kuskovskij Chemical Plant (Russia, Moscow city). For other multiproducts it needs slight adaptation.

Approximate cost of a product

    Agreed price.

Legal protection

    The patent is absent.

Forms of cooperation

    We can supply both the boxed variant of the product and some sort of support, as well as our side adaptations could be made to satisfy advanced customers, with whom the future cooperation is welcomed.

The developing organization

    D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (MUCTR).
    Address: 125047 Moscow, Russia, Miusskaya sq., 9, MUCTR, CIS CT department.
    Tel. +7 (499) 9733937, +7 (499) 9782441.

The contact person

    Professor Egorov Alexander Fedorovich.
    Tel. +7 (499) 9733937,
    e-mail: egorov@muctr.edu.ru
    Postgraduate student Goranskij Tim Vitalievich