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Chair of Computer's Integrated Systems
in Chemical Technology
Solutions - Risk Management

Information System for Risk Management at the Manipulation with Substances and Materials.

The product name

    Information System for Risk Management at the Manipulation with Substances and Materials.

The field of application and the purpose

    The System is intended for the decision of problems connected with an estimation and representation of the information about potential dangers of substances and materials, analysis of manufacture and territory and definition the risk sources. Result of work of System is the list of the recommendations on decrease of revealed risks.

Main technical features

    The System can operate with IBM-compatible computers, OS Windows '95, '98, '2000, HDD 10 Mb, RAM 4 Mb. Screen resolution 800*600 (minimum). VGA or SVGA monitor is required.


    The Complex is used the new techniques developed by its authors (e.g. the Algorithm of Estimation of Multicomponent Mixes). It is realized in form of the interface, which is intuitively understandable and amicable. In system a plenty the database (e.g. the emergency cards) is used which can successfully function and as independent program products. The data in bases are constantly staticized according to the last researches.

The project state

    The demonstration version of software is prepared. The working version is testing. The completion of the Complex is planned closer to June, 1st, 2001.

Approximate cost of a product

    The cost of CD version the system without a database is 5000 roubles. The cost of the last version one database is 1000 roubles.

Legal protection

    The patent is absent on the system in whole. The patents for a number of databases are made out.

Forms of cooperation

    The joint development is possible.

The developing organization

    D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (MUCTR).
    Address: 125047 Moscow, Russia, Miusskaya sq., 9, MUCTR, CIS CT department.
    Tel. +7 (499) 9733937, +7 (499) 9782441.

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