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Egorov A.F.

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Belkov V.P.

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Kostandian V.A.

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Chair of Computer's Integrated Systems
in Chemical Technology
Egorov Alexander Fedorovich

Egorov Alexander Fedorovich

    The doctor of engineering science, professor
    Chief of Chair of Computer's Integrated Systems of Chemical Technology. He graduated from Cybernetic's of Chemical Technological Process Department of the Moscow Chemical Technological Institute named by D.I.Mendeleyev (now D.I.Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia) in 1973. He works at the Chair of Flexible Automated Productive Systems (now the Chair of omputer's Integrated Systems of Chemical Technology) of D.I.Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia since 1973. The grant-aided professor of the State scientific grant for outstanding scientists of Russia. He is the member of scientific collective of leading scientific school of Russia.

Area of scientific interests:

    Systems Engineering, designing and management of flexible multiproduct chemical plants under conditions of uncertainty of initial information and purposes of functioning, management of business processes. Development of integrated automated control system by environment quality and safety of chemical manufactures. Creation of methodological bases for using artificial intelligence systems for management of flexible chemical manufactures. Development of the applied software for automated management of flexible technological productives in conditions of instable raw material support, changing assortment and demand for let out production.
    General number of the publications is more than 140.

Scientific partners:

    Academic Institutes, Educational Institutes, Branch Research Institutes and Industrial Enterprizes of Russia. Slovak Technical University, University of Pardubice, University Politechnical of Catalunya.

Pedagogical activity:

    General experience of pedagogical activity -25 years.
    He has prepared and gives lectures: "Systems of optimum functioning of flexible automated chemical manufactures" and "Use of principles of artificial intelligence and expert systems in management of flexible chemical manufactures". He has prepared 5 candidates of sciences.

The basic publications:

  1. Kafarov V.V., Makarov V.V., Egorov A.F. Flexible automated industrial systems chemical and adjacent industries. // Results of a science and engineering. Processes and apparatus of chemical engineering, 1988, v.16.- p.p.92-161.
  2. Perov V.L., Egorov A.F. Use of principles of adaptation at construction of flexible automated industrial systems. // Magazine of Mendeleev Chemical Society.1987.-v.32.-N3.-p.p.316-321.
  3. Kafarov V.V., Perov V.L., Egorov A.F. Digital systems of automatic control by chemical technological processes and systems. Workbook. -Moscow, Moscow Chemical technological Institute named by D.I.Mendeleev 1987.-48p.
  4. Perov V.L., Egorov A.F. Strategy of flexible control of multiproduct chemical productions under conditions of uncertainty. // Theoretical Foundations of Chemical. Engineering, 1994, v.28, N5., p.p.519-529.
  5. Egorov A.F. Chemical Process Control in Multipurpose Plants. 10th Conference. Process Control`95. Tatranske Matliare. 1995. Preprints. v.2.p.p.258-262.
  6. Egorov A.F., Savitskaya T.V., Makarova A.S. Development of models of an estimation of risk for the enterprises of a chemical industry. // Chemical industry, 1998, N7, p.55-63.
  7. Egorov A.F., Savitskaya T.V., Vent D.P., Edelshtein U.D., Dmitrieva O.V. Development of the integrated automated monitoring and management system of quality an atmospheric air. // Chemical industry, N6, 1999, p.53-64.
  8. Egorov A.F., Savitskaya T.V., Vent D.P., Dmitrieva O.V., Edelshtein U.D. The analysis of pollution of air environment of Novomoskovsk with use of the integrated automated monitoring and management system of quality an atmospheric air. // Chemical technology, N2, 2000, p.38-48.