Teaching staff

Egorov A.F.

Savitskaya T.V.

Belkov V.P.

Shergold I.V.

Baitsur D.O.

Kostandian V.A.

Turkatov S.A.





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Chair of Computer's Integrated Systems
in Chemical Technology
Shergold Igor Borisovich

Shergold Igor Borisovich

    The candidate of engineering science.
    The senior lecturer of Department of Computer's Integrated Systems in Chemical Technology. Has concluded the Moscow institute of chemical machine construction industry in 1959. Since 1968 works in Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russian at the Faculty of Cybernetics of Chemical Technological Processes.

Scientific concerns.

    Automatic control and mathematical simulation technological processes in a chemical, petrochemical industry. Problems of tutoring of operators - technologists both development of the automated learning systems and training simulators. Development automated, computer's integrated systems of product quality control in industrial systems.
    Total number of the publications - 70.

Pedagogical activity.

    The general experience of pedagogical activity - 30 years.
    Has performed and reads the lectures at rates: "Chemical and technological processes controlling", "Computer Systems of logic and digital control and technical means".

The basic publications:

  1. Perov V.L., Shergold I.B., Blincova I.V. A training simulator for tutoring operators - technologists on the basis of the consulting model. // Collection of Scientific works of Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russian . Simulation of chemical and technological processes - Moscow, 1993.
  2. Perov V.L., Shergold I.B., Blincova I.V. Training systems of tutoring of the chemists and technologists operators. //  The survey information. A series: Urgent questions of chemical science and engineering - SRITECEM, Moscow, 1991, per.1, p.29.
  3. Egorov A.F., Shergold I.B., Kyzina E. Operators tutorial system to control chemical process. // 10th Conference. Process Cantral 95. Tatranske Matriare. 1995. Preprints. v.1p.p.370 - 372.
  4. Egorov A.F., Shergold I.B. Development and automatic intelligent tutorial system for education operator - technologists. / New Media for education and training in computer sciene. Russian-German simposium Moscow, Russian Federation, 1996 p.p. 20-23