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Chair of Computer's Integrated Systems
in Chemical Technology
Savitskaya Tatayana Vadimovna

Savitskaya Tatayana Vadimovna

    The candidate of engineering science.
    The senior lecturer of chair of Computer's Integrated Systems of Chemical Technology. She graduated from the Moscow Chemical Technological Institute named by D.I.Mendeleyev (now D.I.Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia) in 1983. Since 1988 until to 1991 she was trained in post graduate course of chair of flexible automated productive systems (FAPS) in D.I.Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. She works in D.I.Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia since 1991.

Scientific interests:

    Simulation, synthesis and projection optimal flexible multiproduct of chemical productions. Problems of a rating of flexibility of chemical productions. Projection low-waste and ecologically of pure flexible chemical productions (FCP). Development of models and algorithms of projection of the flexible schemas of clearing of waste water. Problems of prediction of environmental by exhausts of the chemical plants. Development of computer's integrated systems of monitoring and quality management of free air. Safety of chemical productions. Projection of chemical productions with the purpose of lowering ecological risk.
    General number of the publications - more than 50.

Pedagogical activity:

    General experience of scientific - pedagogical activity - 15 years.
    She has preformed and reads courses of the lectures: "Mathematical simulation and methods of synthesis of flexible chemical productions" (partition on mathematical simulation) and "Computer Systems of projection of flexible chemical productions" (partitions on common problems of projection FCP; the methodologies and bases of construction a computers aided desing (CAD); on information and program - hardware a CAD FCP; under the system tasks of creation a CAD; a subsection on projection low-waste and ecologically pure FCP).

The basic publications:

  1. Perov V.L., Belkov V.P., Savitskaya T.V. Theoretical and practical aspects of flexibility multiproduct of productions. // Informations of high schools - Chemistry and Chem. Technique - Ivanovo, 1991 - v. 12, p. 98-110.
  2. Perov V.L., Fam Cuang Bag, Savitskaya T.V. Compiling of the schedules of work of multigrocery periodic chemical productions with the complicated technological paths. // Theoretical Foundations of Chemical. Engineering, 1994, v.28, N1, p.62-68.
  3. Belkov V., Savitskaya T., Vikulina T. The criteria of flexibility for synthesis of multipurpose chemical plants. / 10th Conference. Process Control-95. Tatranske Matliare.1995. Preprints.v.2.p.p.282-286.
  4. Verdiyan M.A., Egorov A.F., Tretykov V.N., Savitskaya T.V. The generalpurpose technological unit of production different knitting. // Engineering and technique of silicates, N1-2, 1996, p.29-35.